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Electric Fireplaces in Burlingame, CA


Every living space can have a fire feature. Electric models do not require gas, venting, or clearances to combustibles. Energy efficient and cost effective, electric fireplaces are an excellent alternative. Feel the movement, light, and warmth set the mood, even in your apartment.

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Dimplex Contemporary Electric Fireplaces
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Dimplex Traditional Electric Fireplaces
Amantii Electric Fireplaces
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Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Electric or electronic fireplaces give you a look and feel of a traditional wood-burning unit without the mess and fewer safety risks. You can install them almost anywhere because you don't need much room or venting, such as a chimney. All you need is an electrical outlet in the wall to plug in the fireplace. Since there is no fire, you don't have to worry about furniture and other materials burning. Electric fireplaces are usually less expensive than traditional fireplaces.


How Does an Electric Fireplace Work?

An electric fireplace has two parts. One component is a heater made up of a fan and heating element, and the second part is an electric light that produces a simulated flame. Most models have switches to allow you to choose one of three different operating modes.

  • One option gives you the look of flames without the heat. If you want the look and feel of a fireplace but don't need the increased temperature, this is a great option, especially during warm weather.

  • A second option gives you the flame effect and heat so you can get some warmth along with the ambiance.

  • The third option is warmth only without the flame effect, a good choice if you want to keep the room dark without losing the heat.


How Do You Install an Electric Fireplace?

The installation of an electric fireplace could not be easier. You just set the unit where you want it and plug it into your electrical outlet. As a safety precaution, your electric fireplace needs a dedicated outlet on its own breaker or fuse. Sharing with other outlets and fixtures may overload the circuit. Never use an extension cord for your electric fireplace.


Where Can I Get Help with an Electric Fireplace?

When you're ready for your electric fireplace, call us. We'll be glad to evaluate your space and show you your options to help you choose the one that's best for your home.

SDI Fireplace Brands

For more information for each manufacturer, please visit their website by clicking on the logo below in our vendor page or click here.

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