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Fireplace Installations in Burlingame, CA

Once you've selected the style of your new gas fireplace, it's time to consider the installation of the unit and the mantel. This task needs to be done by a qualified professional. SDI Fireplaces is ready to help with this and to provide follow up support for years afterward. Here are a few things to consider related to gas fireplace installation.



SDI Fireplaces can help you choose the right place in your room for a gas fireplace. Logistics must be considered, as far as how you will vent the system, but you should also think about what you want to achieve by installing a gas fireplace.

• Do you want it to be the focal point of the room?

• Will the fireplace be the primary source of heat for the space?

• Is the purpose more decorative than practical?

• Where will other items in the room, such as televisions, paintings, and furniture, be located in relation to the fireplace?

The professionals at SDI can help you evaluate all of your options and choose the best arrangement for your home and family.




A traditional wood-burning fireplace burns wood or pellets to produce heat and then sends the products of the burn out the chimney. With a gas fireplace, you have the option of direct-venting. Direct vent fireplaces pull in air from outside the home and use it to burn propane or natural gas. The heat goes into the room while the chemicals and gases from the burn vent outside of the house. Direct vent fireplaces don't need a flue through the roof, so they are safer to operate than a traditional unit.


SDI professionals can show you just how this will work in your home, discussing with you everything from where the unit will be vented to how close you can place things such as televisions or paintings. If you don't have much wall space, you may be able to consider venting it through the roof. Many sizes and shapes of direct vent fireplaces are available so that you can place them almost anywhere.


Heating Capacity


Gas fireplaces are available in a range of outputs from 7,000 to 60,000 BTUs. You must consider the size of the space you want to warm when decided where to install your unit. As a general rule, if your home is adequately insulated and you have appropriately sealed windows, this formula will keep your room around 72 degrees F. • The square footage of the room x the height of the ceiling x the BTU zone of the state where you live



Some homeowners want a fireplace more for the aesthetic and the feeling of the room than for the heat. Gas logs give you the look of real flames without the mess and the work of a wood-burning unit. You want to consider the look you want when you're determining where to install the fireplace.

Energy Efficiency


Compared to a wood-burning fireplace that burns at 10 to 30 percent efficiency, a gas unit burns at 50 to 90 percent. It's also an excellent green alternative to a traditional central unit. Strategically installing a gas fireplace can heat the rooms where you spend the most time, saving you money on utilities.


How Do I Get Started?

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with SDI Fireplaces. Our company knows how to install a fireplace of any kind, and you may be surprised at all the possibilities available to you to bring in the look and feel of a traditional fireplace with the extra work.

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