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With the largest selection of gas and electric fireplaces, SDI can help meet and exceed your fireplace needs.

Residential & Commercial Fireplaces

Installing a fireplace is an ideal addition to your home! Let SDI Fireplaces provide you with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you have the most hassle-free experience.  

Here are some helpful hints to better help you understand what fireplace and accessories will work with your home.

The Right Heat Release For Every Design

There are two types of Fireplaces on the market. Traditional or a Direct-Vent. There is a certain beauty to a traditional style fireplace. 

The Most Important Features For Your Modern Fireplace

A modern fireplace instantly becomes a breathtaking focal point of any room, but what features should we look for when selecting the right fireplace for modern architecture or modernist architecture design?

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Find Your Ideal Fireplace

What Type of fireplace is right for your project? Use this fireplace finder tool to discover the right fireplace for your project.​


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Mounting a Television Above Your Fireplace

When referring to TV Installation, Flare Fireplaces create radiant heat which rises up into the chase & out a Heat Release into the room.

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Add Some Heat Your Bedroom

When most people consider adding a fireplace to their home, the bedroom is not the first place they think of. In fact, when people re-design or update the interior of their homes, the bedroom is often the last place they tackle, or they do not put as much thought into it as the rest of the house.

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Enjoy The Warmth of a Fireplace Without The Heat of a Fireplace

Summer days and nights can be hot. So the last thing you may want to think about is a fireplace. But a fireplace is not just for heat.

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CONNEX smart thermostats and controllers for electric fan-forced and baseboard heaters

CONNEX smart thermostats, controllers, and heaters are setting a new standard in comfort, efficiency, and convenience by offering homeowners wireless and Wi-Fi control of line-voltage electric heaters and baseboards.

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Specification Matrices 

Everything you need to know, BTU, sizes, venting, and CAD download files.


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Outside The Box: Four Takes on Electric Fireplaces

Let’s think outside of the box when it comes to our fireplace designs! We are accustomed to seeing a standard mantle with a tile surround and either a picture or mirror above it.

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See Why HGTV's Jo Alcorn  Swaps Gas For an Electric Fireplace in Her own Remodel Project

When it was time to refresh the look in my living room, I wanted to create a streamlined focal point that drew everything together. There was only one problem: my natural gas fireplace was limiting my design.

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