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Fireplace Installation in Burlingame, CA

When you're building a new home or remodeling, consider contacting a professional into your options for your fireplace. You may not be aware of all the possibilities beyond a traditional fireplace with a mantel and chimney. SDI gas and electric fireplaces enhance so much more than your living room. For example, an outdoor fireplace is beautiful on an autumn evening. You can choose an indoor unit built into the wall with a see-through front styling for a new look. The options are almost endless.




Choosing a fireplace involves several decisions. Here are a few things that the professionals at SDI discuss with you as your project comes together.


Traditional or direct-vent: A traditional brick-and-mortar fireplace burns gas, wood, or pellets and forces the heat out the front while the products of the burn go up and out through the chimney. Direct-vent fireplaces use a sealed area and closed combustion to isolate the products and send them out. The decision between the two may depend on how you want to use the area directly above the fireplace.


With a traditional unit, you're limited in what you can do with that space because of the heat generated. A direct-vent unit gives you more flexibility since the heat doesn't accumulate in the same way. With a direct-vent fireplace, you can mount a television or a painting above the fireplace.


Style elements: Frameless fireplaces give the appearance that the glass front extends directly off the surrounding wall material for a smooth and clean appearance. A linear gas fireplace is a rectangular unit that extends from three to eight feet. A glass opening of 16 to 24 inches gives you a view of the flame.


Safety barriers: For most units, a transparent mesh screen with a concealed frame is sufficient. However, for a corner unit, a double glass barrier is necessary.


Summer kits: If you love the look of your fireplace but don't need the heat year-round, a summer kit uses a system of fans to remove the heat and direct it outside the home. The summer kit can be disabled when you're ready to bring the warmth back inside.


Home automation options: You can choose a centralized way to control the fireplace, along with other automated components in your home. The options may include a centralized control pad and remote controls.




SDI offers many types of fireplaces and related products for your home.


Gas fireplaces are an affordable and energy-efficient alternative to a wood-burning unit. A gas fireplace also enhances the ambiance of a room and gives you more styling options.

Gas inserts sit inside an existing masonry fireplace while using the chimney for venting. Inserts use natural gas or propane and may make you eligible for energy efficiency tax breaks. Vent-free gas log inserts are 99.9% efficient and give you heat even when the wood is not available, or the electricity is out.

Electric fireplaces use dancing flame effects and realistic looking logs and crystals to enhance the environment and maintain a clean and modern appearance.




SDI offers free consultations to determine the best location, ventilation options, and other design factors. We can also help with mantel installation and fireplace installation to enhance the look and feel of your room. When you get professional advice on the front end, your fireplace and the surrounding area can exceed your expectations.


Why SDI Fireplaces


Your living room, your family room, and even your bedroom can be enhanced by the look and feel of a fireplace. SDI works with the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Astria Fireplaces, Empire Comfort Systems, and Flare Fireplaces, among others. We offer a showroom in Burlingame that is open from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. every weekday and on weekends by appointment. If a visit to the showroom is not practical, contact us today to schedule your free consultation. If you need help with fireplace service and repair, SDI can help with that as well.


Marquis Gas Inserts

Create a red-hot focal point in your new home or remodel with one of our safe and efficient SDI Gas Fireplaces. We have a wide selection of traditional and modern fireplaces such as outdoor, indoor, frame-less and see-through styles. No matter what fire feature you decide on, SDI will be there every step of the way to help your project go smoothly.


Astria Montebello.jpg

Reimagine your existing fireplace and chimney with a Gas Insert conversion from SDI. We come to you to size and customize your insert, there’s no cost or obligation for the estimate. Turn that dusty, drafty, wood-burning fireplace into something fresh this winter.


Electric fireplace photo 3.jpg

Every living space can have a fire feature.  Electric models do not require gas, venting, or clearances to combustibles.  Energy efficient and cost effective, electric fireplaces are an excellent alternative.  Feel the movement, light, and warmth set the mood, even in your apartment.

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